Choosing a Commercial Printer

All commercial printers are not created equal, and you can save yourself, time, headaches and money in meeting your printing needs. Here are a few tips on choosing a great printer:

#1: You are Choosing a Partner not a Printer
Instead of looking for a commercial printer, look for a commercial printer who has the expertise, know-how, and resources. Make your projects happen through an experienced printing partner.

#2: Talk is Cheap, a Proven Track Record is Better
Everybody makes promises to get the job, unfortunately, not everybody keeps them. The one question is, how has a printer has delivered for clients in the past. Performance beats promises every time. How long they’ve been around!

#3: Look for in-House Capabilities
Determine if a printer is up to speed on the latest technologies. See if you can take advantage of “print on demand” or Internet ordering portals that save you money and make you more productive. A system by which people across an organization can order through a single automated source. That pays dividends in cost control and employee productivity.

#4: Choose a Difference Maker, Not an Order Taker
A true partner can do far more than help you decide between offset and digital. They work with you in a consultative relationship that allows for better solutions, period. Choose a partner with the expertise to suggest new or different approaches that will accomplish your objectives more effectively.

#5: Service Is an Attitude, Not a Department
Every printer wants to win business but what you want is someone who becomes as interested as you are in the quality completion of a project. Get a feel for their experience. Do they treat clients with respect at every stage, and collaborate to come up with optimum solutions to problems?

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