Printing Design Terms

Accordian fold – two or more parallel folds that open like an accordian.
Aquous Coating – a water-based coating applied to protect printed piece – gloss or matte
Artwork – photographs, drawings, paintings, hand lettering to illustrate printed matter.
Alteration – change in copy or specifications made after production has begun.
Author’s Alterations – corrections and/or changes made after submission of original copy.

Banding – method of packaging printed pieces using paper, rubber or fiberglass bands.
Bar code – a pattern of vertical bars and spaces representing characters that is readable with a
Barrel fold – folding a sheet two or more times in same direction
Base color – a first color used as a background on which other colors are printed.
Basic size – a standard, predetermined size for a particular type of paper
Basic weight – the weight in pounds of a predetermined number of sheets of paper having a
specific size for a specific type of paper
Binding – various methods of securing sections together and/or fastening them to a cover, to
form singles copies.
Bleed – printing that extends to the edge of a sheet or page after trimming.
Blind Embossing – a raised impression made without using ink of foil
Blueline – a proof made directly from the press negative onto photo-sensitive paper showing
the printed piece exactly as it will appear.
Bond paper – strong durable paper grade used of letterheads and forms
Brightness – characteristic of paper referring to how much light it reflects.
Bristol – type of board paper used for post cards, business cards, and other heavy-use

C – Roman numeral for 100
CF – coated front
CB – coated back
CFB – coated front and back
Caliper – thickness of paper, expressed in thousandths of an inch.
Camera ready – the state in printing when the document is ready to be photographed to make
plates for the press.
Camera-ready Copy – artwork or pasted up material that is ready for reproduction. Camera
copy should be clean, free of glue or trash, flat, and printed in dark ink.
C1S – paper stock coated on one side.
C2S – paper stock coated on both sides.
Carbonless – paper that is coated with chemicals to produce copies without carbon in-between
the sheets. (also referred to as NCR paper)
Card Stock – a stiff rigid paper used for postcards, manual covers or table tents.
Carload – usually 40,000 pounds of paper
Case bind – a type of binding used in making hard cover books using glue
Cast coated – coated paper with a surface similar to that of a glossy photograph.
Chipboard – inexpensive, single-ply cardboard, usually brown or gray.
Coated Paper – paper with a layer of coating applied to one or both sides, such as gloss, dull
and matte finish.
Collate – a finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order
Color separations – the separation of color artwork or transparencies on to separate sheet for
each color. The division of a multi-color original into the primary process colors of yellow,
magenta, cyan, and black.
Cotton fiber paper (rag content or cotton content)– paper that contains 25% or more cellulose
fibers derived from lint cotton, cotton linters and cotton or line cloth cuttings.
Copy – all furnished material or disc used in the production of a printed product
Copyright – An exclusive right that has been granted by law to a particular creative product.
The right of copyright gives protection to the originator of material to prevent use without
express permission or acknowledgement of the originator.
Composition – the process of setting type and arranging it on the page
Cover stock – a heavy printing paper used to cover books
Crash printing – letterpress printing on carbon or carbonless forms so image prints
simultaneously on all sheets in the set.
Crash numbering – numbering paper by pressing an image on the first sheet which is
transferred to all parts of a printed set.
Crimping – puncture marks holding business forms together
Cut Sheet – paper cut into standard sizes ready for use with a copier or press.
Cutting Die – sharp edged devise usually made of steel rule, to cut paper, cardboard, etc. on
printing press.
CWT – paper distributor abbreviation for 100 pounds.

Density – a measure of the relative difference between a white area and a toned or black area.
Or the ability of a material to absorb light.
Die – a metal rule or imaged block used to cut or place an image on paper in the finishing
Diecut – The use of a sharp, formed piece of metal to cut out specific shapes in a piece of
Drill – to bore holes in paper so sheets fit over posts of loose-leaf binders.
Dry gum paper – label paper with glue that can be activated by water.
Duetones – 2 colors combined to reproduce pictures with greater depth
Dull finish – characteristic of paper that reflects relatively little light.

Embossing – a process performed after printing to stamp a raised or depressed image into the
surface of paper using engraved metal embossing dies, extreme pressure and heat.
Embossed paper – a paper surface textured in one of a variety of patterns by passing the paper
through engraved steel rolls.
Engraving – method of printing using a plate, with an image carved into it.
Enamel paper – a coated sheet or the coating on a sheet
Estimate – a price provided to a customer, based on the specifications outlined on the estimate
form; it is normally set prior to the entry of an order and prices may change if the order
specifications are not the same as the estimate specifications.

Finish – surface characteristic of paper.
Finishing – the bindery process performed after the document has been copied or printed.
Finish size – size of printed product after production is complete.
Flyer – an inexpensively produced circular used for promotional distribution.
Foil emboss – to foil stamp and emboss an image on paper with a die
Foil stamp – a letterpress process using foil and dies. Foil is transferred from its backing to
the paper when stamped with a heated die.
Format – size, shape and overall style of layout or printed piece.
Four-Color Process – printing in full color using four color separations negatives and ink
(yellow, magenta, cyan and black) which reproduce full-color photographs of art.

(color pictures)
GBC binding – plastic comb binding.
Galley Proof – a proof of text copy before it is formatted for the page.
Galleys – the printing term for long metal trays used to hold type after it has been set but
before the press run.
Gather – to assemble or collect sections into the proper sequence for binding.
Gloss – characteristic of paper, ink or varnish that reflects relatively large amounts of light.
Glossy – photographic print made on glossy paper.
Glue-on-fold – a binding method where a strip of glue is placed along the fold of a page or
Gothic – typefaces with no serifs and broad, even strokes
Graphic design – the use of graphic elements and text to communicate an idea or concept.
Gusset – expandable portion of bag, file folder or envelope.

Halftone – an illustration reproduced by breaking down the original tone into a pattern of dots
of varying size. Light areas have small dots and darker areas or shadows have larger dots.
Head –to – head – printing on both sides of a sheet where the top of each page is placed at the
same end.
Head – to – foot – printing on both sides of a sheet where the top of each page is placed at the
opposite ends.
Hard copy – a printed paper copy of output in readable form
Hot stamping – a letterpress process using foil and dies. Foil is transferred from its backing to
the paper when stamped with a heated die.
Imposition – the process of arranging the pages of copy so that when the sheets are printed and
folded for binding the pages will be in the proper order
Impression – the image produced in a single operation on a printer, copier or press.
Imprinting – the printing of additional information on an already printed piece
Inserts – extra printed pages inserted loosely into printed pieces.
Index paper – light weight board paper for writing and easy erasure

Kraft paper – strong paper, usually brown
Kromekote – high-gloss, cast-coated paper.

Laminate – a thin transparent plastic coating applied to paper or board to provide protection
and give it a glossy finish.
Layout – sketch or drawing of a design for a proposed printed piece showing position, size and
color of copy.
Ledger paper – strong, smooth bond paper used for keeping business records
Letterpress – method of printing from raised surfaces. A letter press is the kind of press used.
Leaf – a sheet in a book. Two pages. The front and back together of a page is called a “leaf”.
Light weight paper – book grade paper of basis weight 40# or less with high opacity for its
Line negative – high contrast negative usually made from line copy.
Lithography – method of printing using a chemically-coated plate whose image areas attract
ink and whose non-image areas repel ink.

M – Roman numeral for 1,000
Make Ready – all activities required to set up the press for a pressrun, including running test
sheets of paper.
Manilla paper – strong, buff-colored paper used to make envelopes and file folders.
Matchprint – integral color proof
Magnetic ink – a magnetized ink that can be read by electronic machines – used in check
Marginal words – call outs for directions on various parts of a business form
Matte finish – dull finish paper
Matte ink – ink that appears dull when dry.
Mechanical binding – a method of binding which secures pre-trimmed leaves or signatures by
the insertion of wire or plastic through holes drilled or punched in the binding edge.
Micrometer – instrument used to measure thickness of paper
Mike – to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper using a micrometer
Mock-up – a rough visual of a publication or design.
Mylar – polyester film

Negative – characteristic of image on film or paper in which blacks in the original subject are
white or clear and whites in the original are black or opaque. Also, piece of film on which
negative image appears.
Numbering – putting a sequential number on each copy.

Offset – a method in which the plate or cylinder transfers an ink image to an offset or transfer
roller, which then transfers the image to stock.
Offset paper – uncoated book paper
Offset printing – method of lithographic printing that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket,
then from the blanket to paper.
Opaque – relates to the show-through of the printed image from the opposite side of the sheet
or the sheet under it.
Opacity – characteristic of paper that helps prevent printing on one side from showing on the
Overlay – a transparent sheet used in the preparation of multi-color artwork showing the color
breakdown and designer instructions.
Over Run – the number of pieces that were printed in excess of the quantity specified.

PMS color – pantone matching system – an international system used to mix inks to standard
colors used by printers.
Pad – to bind by applying glue along one edge of a stack of sheets.
Page count – total number of pages, including blanks and printed pages without numbers
Page proofs – a proof output to plain paper before the entire job is printed.
Pagination – the numbering of pages in a book.
Parchment – paper that simulates writing surfaces made from animal skins.
Parallel fold – folds that are parallel to each other – a letter is parallel fold
Paste-up – the positioning of artwork and type to make camera ready copy.
Pattern carbon – special carbon paper used in business forms that only transfers in certain
Perfect Binding – a binding process whereby single sheets are stacked together, the binding
edge is ground to create a rough surface and adhesive is applied. A cover is then wrapped
around the pages.
Perforating – punching small holes or slits in a sheet of paper or cardboard to facilitate tearing
along a desired line.
Plastic Combs – a binding that allows the publication to lay flat when open. Often called
Press numbering – method of numbering manufactured business forms or tickets
Prepress – the processes performed on a printing order prior to its going to the press to be
printed. (examples: typesetting, layout, scanning, etc.)
Pressure-sensitive paper – paper material with self sticking adhesive covered by a backing
Proof (Blue-line) – a method of checking for errors prior to printing an order.
Proof (Galley) – typeset material before it has been arranged into final page.
Proof (press) – Actual press sheets to show image, tone values and colors as well as imposition
of frame or press-plate.

Rag bond – high quality paper, a percentage of which is made from cotton fibers
Ream – five hundred sheets of paper
Reverse – type or other image defined by printing the background rather than the image itself,
allowing the underlying color of paper or previously printed ink to show in the shape of the

Saddle Stitch – the binding of sheets of paper to form a book which works by stapling in seam
where sheets are folded.
Score – to mechanically crease or press a channel into paper along a line so it will fold more
Self-cover – using same paper as the text for the cover
Self-mailer – printed piece designed to be mailed without an envelope.
Shrink wrap – a tight fitting plastic wrap used to protect a publication from handling or storage
Side stitch – to bind by stapling through sheets along one edge.
Signature – a section of a book made by folding a printed sheet so that the pages follow in
correct order.( standard signatures are 8, 16 & 32)
Slip Sheet – blank sheet placed between newly-made printed products to prevent setoff or
scuffing during handling and shipping.
Slit – to cut paper using a disk or wheel
Specifications – complete and precise descriptions of paper, ink, binding, quantity and other
features of a printing job.
Spine – the binding edge of a book
Spiral bind – a binding method using a continuous coil of wire extending from the top to the
bottom of the spine.
Stock – paper used for a printing job

Tag – board grade paper used for products such as tags and file folders.
Text – the written or printed material which forms the main body of a publication.
Text paper – lighter that cover stock but heavier than writing grade.
Thermography – a finishing technique applied after printing that raises the ink and gives the
effect of engraved printing.
Trim – the cutting of the finished product to the correct size.
Transparency – a color or black and white photographically produced image on transparent
Turnaround time – amount of time needed to complete a job
Two-up – printing two up or three up means printing the same image twice or three times on
the same sheet of paper in one impression
Transfer tape – a peel and stick tape used in business forms
Trim size – the final size of one printed image after the last trim is made.

Uncoated paper – paper that is not clay coated
Underrun – production run of fewer copies that the amount specified.
UV coating – liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light

Varnishing – a finishing process whereby a transparent varnish is applied over the printed sheet
to serve as protection , produce a glossy finish or color.
Vellum finish – relatively rough finish on uncoated paper
Velox – a black and white print of a screened image, line art and/or copy.

Watermark – distinctive design created in paper during manufacture
Web – a roll of printing paper
Wove paper – a paper having a uniform unlined surface with a smooth finish

Xerography – alternate term for photocopying

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